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File extensions are related to the software programs which can open them. The file extension GADGET is used for Windows gadgets. They are used for Microsoft Windows Vista/7 sidebar. Some of the examples of these gadgets are search tools, small games, news feeds and system utilities among others. GADGETs are actually ZIP files that contain gadget ones. They can be renamed to ZIP and can be opened by the available compression utilities. The functions supported by these files are unique, so they will not certainly work for any of the other applications than the designated ones.The file extension DAA stands for a disk image file. This format is used by PowerISO Computing Incorporated and MagicISO. Several formats are used for representing disk images and most of them are proprietary. Some of them are opened only in some operating systems like Windows or Mac. DAA files are useful for sending huge chunks of data. They may include movies over the Internet in a compact form. DAA disk image files which are used along with MagicISO or PowerISO software allow data backup functionalities like password protection, division of image file and data compression into greater than single volume. DAA files like some other formats can be directly mounted on a PC where the data may be extracted. Because of the proprietary format at the moment, it is quite difficult to open files not using PowerISO software. It is also not possible to access or read DAA files by most of the disk mounting software.There is a fundamental difference between the two formats as GADGET files are used for gadgets on Vista sidebar while DAA files are disk image files.

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I never considered myself a gadget person but my family point out that I am – I have a SLR camera, an iPhone, several computers and a SatNav system. It doesn’t seem that much to me, but my wife is a technophobe. Other people appear to have more than that but, hey, my family call me gadgety so I guess I am.I am also “green” – I like to think I recycle and reuse stuff when I can. I know I could be better. Much better. But – I never consider “green” when buying gadgets.I don’t know if it is good news or bad but it seems that I am in the majority as it appears that 60% of people that buy gadgets are not green either. The lure of the gadget outshines the need to save the environment. But people DO realize that there is a green issues – 60% apparently. So what’s stopping green and gadget happening simultaneously?Well, it seems that there is not enough information being given to gadget consumers about how green the gadget might be or what the company is doing to help the environment. My washing machine and dryer tell me what impact they might have on the environment but my phone and camera do not do the self same thing. How irresponsible of them.The gadget companies have an opportunity to change things. This might include how the gadget is low emission or how raw materials are sourced from less damaging environments. It must make sense to start the process.

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I like electronic things for the freedom and flexibility they bring me but I never ever considered myself a gadget person. However, my family members mention that I am – I have a SLR photographic camera, a good cellphone, several computers and a Satnav product. All very basic and things that I expect a number of people have too. It does not seem to be that much to me, however my spouse is a technophobe and considers anyone with any sort of electronic kit to be a geek. Various other people seem to possess much more than I have but, without doubt, my family members name me gadgety so I suppose I am.I am also “eco-friendly” – I like to think I recycle and reuse material when I can. I realize I might be better. Very much better. But – I never think about “eco-friendly” when purchasing gadgets. Do you? I guess not according to research. I don’t understand if it is very good news or bad but it appears that I am in the vast majority as it appears that 60% of people that buy devices are not eco-friendly either. The attraction of the gadget outshines the desire to save the natural world.However people DO recognize that there is an environmentally friendly issue – 60% evidently. Therefore what is preventing “green” and “device” taking place at the same time? Well, it looks that there is not sufficient info being given to gadget buyers about how eco-friendly the device may end up being or just what the company is accomplishing to aid the natural environment. My personal washer and dryer tell me what influence they may have on the environment but my phone and camera don’t do the self same thing. How freewheeling of them.The gadget organizations that manufacture these products (and distribute them) possess a chance to improve things. This may include how the gadget is lower emission or how raw resources are sourced from less harming environments. It surely does make good sense to begin the process. I can see a commercial, as well as an environmental, advantage.Yet, as things stand, I am assuming that the mass productivity of many of the non-green gadget components far outweigh the potential short term loss of research and marketing of the eco-friendly device. Government grants are given to car manufacturers (there has been one given to a company for the manufacture and promotion of electric cars in the UK) so why not to other organizations?

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As one of the most popular latest gadgets in the digital market, it is reported that iPhone 5 will appear on the market soon. Here are some top secrets about iPhone 5 that all the iPhone fans should know.1. It is not Verizon iPhone and vice versaThe news has confirmed that Verizon iPhone is not iPhone 5. Wall Street Journal said Verizon iPhone will appear on market in Oct. and it is similar with iPhone 4 from AT&T, but they adopt different wireless technology.2. The overall patterns of it and iPhone 4 are differentWall Street Journal revealed that the model of iPhone 5 from apple is different with all the formal iPhone latest gadgets. It is unknown that when it will be allowed selling by Version or other operators.3. Its configuration will get evolutionary instead of transformative changesiPhone 5′s configuration will adopt new aerial, 1.2GHz processor and bigger screen of 3.7 inch instead of 3.5 inch. iPhone 5 will also adopt new materials. What’s more, it is said that it will use more nuclear design to extend battery’s lifespan and latest gadgets capability, keep the technology up with latest technology of the phone field. The image quality of iPhone 5 will improve a lot. It can get true-color 1080p with the performance of dual-core GPU.4. It will provide digital walletIt is said that iPhone 5G adopts NFC technology to change it to debit card or credit card with other forms. However, apple has focused NFC before, it is unsure it will take this technology this time.
Pay phone: apple display how iPhone 5 works as credit card with NFC technology.5. It will debut in summerThe formal iPhone from apple have debuted in late June or early July, we hope to see iPhone 5 at the same time this year. However, apple group can not pay same attention on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Too more effort must be paid to ensure its meeting on time.6. Maybe it will debut earlier than beforeiLounge said in the past that apple will debut iPhone 5 at the end of Jan. 2011 for the problem of iPhone 4′s aerial. Engadget also said apple will appear on market in July. Most probably, it will debut on the formal schedule.7. It may support LTEMore than one professor said that iPhone 5 will support phone broadband LTE in America, which may makes iPhone 5 become a 4G phone. AT&T plan to launch its LTE service in 2011, but iPhone of LTE doesn’t have information.8. The price of it will not changeIf it is one kind of evolutionary latest gadgets just like iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, the price should be almost the same with the present price.

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The wheels of technological advancements are in constant motion. This is evident from the fact that just few years back we had bulky televisions in our home and now we have flat screen televisions that offer way better quality and also have a very slim profile. The same can be said for computer monitors that have been supplanted by LCD monitors. Similarly, Pentium four computers will soon become obsolete with the advent of new technology. So, what is the catch here? It has really become impossible for us to keep up with the technology especially for the middle and lower middle class. The other most important thing is the stacking up of these obsolete gadgets in our homes. That is where gadget recycling plays its part.Of course, we cannot just throw away these things that were very valuable to us. The good news is there are many companies that are currently in this gadget recycling business. Through these companies, you will not only be able to get rid of your obsolete electronics but will get good cash as well. The companies that are doing this recycling are contributing towards the betterment of society. The world has realized that they have to save this planet.Mirrorgogreen is a name that has been tried by many people. The people who have used Mirrogogreen have very positive opinions about this company. They sell your obsolete products by recycling them. You can sell your old computers and mp3 players. You can also sell your obsolete cell phones and cameras. The product variety that they accept is pretty diverse. So, do not shy away from selling your any obsolete electronic product. The process of selling takes almost a week. When they receive your gadgets, inspection is done to estimate the worth. After matching the worth of the gadget with your expectations, the payment is then made. Now, it is important to note that this company is basically into two businesses. In addition to recycling, they also direct their recycled products to other retailers and sellers like Amazon and other buyers. Gadget recycling is a win-win for all of us. Firstly, this is something that is very positive to our society. Secondly, not only we can get rid of such electronic products but also can get money from it.So, what are you waiting for? Make a list of such items and it’s time to get some cash.

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Since technology has come to inhabit our daily lives in a big way, there is no point in remaining blissfully ignorant about its constant evolution. Every day one comes across stray news regarding the launch of some revolutionary iPhone or the improvement of an existing line of laptops. However, often such news becomes difficult to track down to a credible source thereby making it impossible for interested customers to make further queries. Technology blogs are a great source of organized information. No wonder they have garnered so much popularity in the present times!There are several advantages attached to such blogs. They are web pages that offer readers a free site where news about the latest innovations in technology are made available. Since the internet has already invaded almost every home and is at the disposal of people of every age and profession, it will not be right to state that such technology blogs would only be noticed by tech geeks.By eliminating the hassles of running from one tech market to another and browsing endlessly for information about a single new gadget, these blogs have simplified the whole business of understanding technology as a whole. In fact, more and more companies are pitching their marketing tents on popular blog pages in a bid to boost their business. Since such blogs are frequented by a wide range of readers, they are potential sites for the launching of a company’s new products. Conversely, such marketing strategies allow the blog itself to grow in popularity and increase its readership.Blogs could also be called impartial critics of technological products. Whenever new products are introduced to the market and the public is still uncertain about its particular features, advantages and disadvantages, these technology blogs guide them to light by providing detailed and objective reviews of the products on their blog pages. Blogs also function as efficient news sites. One can get updates on the latest scandal surrounding a particular company that had probably launched a faulty product a while back. It is also a great way to make potential customers aware and alert. These blogs are the perfect place to begin for those who consider themselves to be technologically disabled and want to mend that.The blog space also allows for a comparison between products offered by different companies. Since, one has to keep several factors in mind while purchasing a product, some information about the cost, features and other related items can help in making the right choice. To broaden their readership base and popularise their directories, blogs almost always join forces with the various social networking sites. It aids both, since blogs win more interested readers and the readers in turn learn about new technological creations and other related news while they are socialising with others on the networking site. For the social networking site too, it is a win-win situation since they receive more members who sometimes join to keep themselves updated through easy means about the latest innovations in technology.

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Nokia, one of the most prominent names in the international market of mobile, has most recently launched another addition Nokia 6208 classic to the wonderful series of mobile. This brand new handset possesses numerous features that are beyond one’s belief and make this phone to be more favored than any other handset in the mobile world. This gadget is a tri band GSM device which functions on a reliable operating system.Technical SpecificationsThe wide screen of the phone has a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels and a color depth of 24 bits.The handset is small in size that is 109.8 X 49.3 X 13 mm and is extremely lightweight with about 120.1 grams.6208 comes with a standard BL 4S, 3.7V 860mAh battery with a 2.0mm charger. It provides a battery backup of 3.5 hours of talk time and 12 days of standby time.Other FeaturesThe handset has the Flash Lite 3.0 which features wall paper, screen saver and Flash video. It also has HTML over IP/TCP, WAP 2.0, opera mini and XHTML over IP/TCP browsers.It comes integrated with a camera of 3.2 mega pixels with a digital zoom up to 8x which captures high quality images with the 2048×1536 pixel resolution. The features like auto focus, self timer, full screen view-finder, flash and sequence mode enhances the quality of the images.The handset also has an audio player as well as a music player supporting all music file formats.The device has an internal memory of 22 MB that can be extended up to 8 GB with the use of micro SD memory card.Other than internet browser, the phone also has Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, and Nokia USB data cable for local connectivity.Thus, the gadget is loaded with amazing features that has lead to its mushrooming charisma.

5 Ways Your Grandkids Will Use 3D Printers in 2050 – Gadget News

A 3D printer is a form of technology that can create a three-dimensional object using layers of a particular material. With this type of printer, one can produce models that imitate a prototype’s look, functionality and feel.Today, a 3D printer can already do many things. You can make jewelry, art or even your own action figures. Architecture firms are using such printers for creating models. In 2050, however, your grandkids will be making completely different things. Here are five things your grandchildren could be making with their 3D printers in the future:1. Organs
What if in 2050, no one will have to be on a waiting list for an organ transplant ever again? The children of the future just might be able to find a way to replace body organs. Your grandkids might be able to create skin with a 3D printer, and no one will ever know the difference.2. Toys
In 2050, you may not need to bring your grandchildren to the toy store. Why? They’ll most probably be designing and creating their own toys by then. You can already make your own action figures today, although it is difficult to make them out of non-toxic materials. By 2050, non-toxic materials for the 3D printer should be readily and easily available.3. Automobile Parts
It’s very possible that your grandchildren will construct their own cars with this type of printer. If they are able to construct a majority or all of the different parts of an automobile and are able to assemble it, then there will be no need to get them a car.4. Homes
When your grandchildren grow older and express interest in moving out of their parents’ house, they might just move into a home built with a 3D printer. At present, there is already talk of using this technology for building homes, but there are still many issues that have to be solved.5. Electronics
In this day and age, people still have to pay for their gadgets. If you want a mobile phone or a computer, you need to buy it. In 2050, things will be different. A 3D printer can print pretty much anything-including electronics. There will be no need to pay for the latest technology, because your grandchildren will be making it for you.In 2050, your Christmas gifts from your grandkids will probably be something made from a 3D printer.

LG GD580 – The Mobile With Impressive Applications – Gadget News

The LG GD580 is the latest 3GB enabled flip open handset from the house of LG. The device launched in January 2010, is capable of operating on 2G networks with GSM bandwidths of 900, 1800 and 1900Mhz frequency range. The gadget can also work on 3G networks with HSDPA bandwidths of 2100 MHz frequency range. The handset with impressive design and display features can really allure most mobile freaks to own it. The device comes with 2.8 inches TFT OLED display with support of 256K colors.The mobile comes preloaded with several Mp3 ringtones and has speakerphone to enable hands free communication and listening music within a group. The device can be switched to vibration mode that facilitates the users to receive calls without disturbing others.The gadget has an internal memory of 60MB which is sufficient enough to store about 1000 contacts in different entries. There is facility to maintain records of last 10 dialed calls, 10 missed calls and 10 received calls. The device also comes with the photo call feature and option of using MicroSD cards to further improve the storage capacity.The LG GD580 comes with wide option of networking and connectivity features. The phone is equipped to operate on Class 10 GPRS with speed of 32 to 48kbps and Class 10 Edge with speed at 236.8 kbps. It also has support to work on 3G network with speed of 3.6 mbps. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth with A2DP support and microUSB.The 3.15 megapixels camera is another attraction of the device. It has high resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels with video recording capability. There is also a secondary camera which facilitates the users to have video calls.The gadget also has inbuilt browser with support of WAP, HTML and XHTML. It offers wide range of messaging options such as sending and receiving SMS, MMs and emails.The gadget comes loaded with impeccable multimedia with music and video player that can play various audio and video formats, stereo FM radio with RDS. The device comes packaged with a powerful 800 mAh lithium battery that offers 3 hours of talk time and about 250 hours of standby time.

Blackberry 9500 Storm – Outstanding Gadget! – Gadget News

Blackberry 9500 Storm has a lot to give to its users. It has feather soft touch screen which works on the commands of the fingers of the users. The high resolution display of 3.25 inches gives life to the pictures. It also comes packed with 3G capability that enables you to browse the internet at a rapid pace. The integration of wireless Bluetooth technology and GPRS technique is another major point of concern.There are some more extraordinary features of this smart phone described below:-High resolutionThis cool design implements the resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and supports the color scheme of about 65 thousand colors to render a tremendous experience of photograph viewing with crystal clarity.
The screen is feather soft to touch. One just has to swipe over the screen to make the things happen.Keyboard optionsThe keyboard has multiple options to perform different tasks.
It has different styles of keyboard as:Predictive (Sure Type)
Multiple key press (Multi-Tap)
One can choose the style of your choice.Size and WeightThe sizing detail of the handset in length, width and depth is as 112.5 mm, 62 mm and 13 mm respectively and it weighs only 155g including the weight of the battery.Camera and Video RecorderThe camera of this handset is of 3.2 mega pixels with auto focus, 2x digital zoom and flash.Expandable memoryIt has an inbuilt memory of 1GB and can hold up to 250 songs at a time.
The memory can be further expanded till 16GB with the use of MicroSD; in the extended memory space, one can store about 4000 music tracks.InternetWith the help of HSPDA technology one can browse the net at a fast pace. One can attend the calls while receiving the mails or while browsing the net. One can also download content from the internet and browse as many sites as he/she wants to. One can share emails, pictures with friends and relatives via MMS and emails.